Grand Rapids, Michigan -
Dec. 21, 2022

Kawasaki Engines today announced the launch of KawasakiEnginesPower.com, the company’s new virtual experience showroom. The website offers customers an interactive way to experience and learn about Kawasaki Engines and is designed to highlight the features, benefits and specifications of the company’s product lineup.

“Our new virtual experience is the result of understanding the changing marketplace and the shift in our customers’ preferences towards researching products online,” said Karen Howard, Director, Dealer Sales Support & Marketing. “By adding KawasakiEnginesPower.com to our network, all our customers now have the flexibility to engage and have a valuable experience either virtually or in-person at a dealership.”

The site is divided into three sections: Engines, Genuine Parts and Testing:

  • The Engines section highlights several of the leading engines from Kawasaki Engine’s current lineup, fully modeled in 3D for a 360-degree view, including the new EVO line of engines. Users can click on an engine to view full features and specs through immersive scrolling graphics and also listen to the engine in action.
  • Genuine Parts showcases the company’s KTECH™ fuel and oil products, maintenance parts and other accessories. There is also information on the benefits of proper maintenance and use of Kawasaki Engines Genuine Parts to ensure an engine’s performance and longevity.
  • The Testing section presents an inside look at the extreme measures Kawasaki Engines takes to verify performance, reliability, durability and efficiency in every engine. The page gives information on testing in environmental chambers, on dynameters and with a pressure-controlled oxidizer.

KawasakiEnginesPower.com will work in tandem with the existing website. Customers can take a deep dive into engines and other products on the virtual experience before visiting a dealer.

Kawasaki Engines, a division of Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A., distributes gasoline engines for landscape, industrial, and consumer markets.The division is headquartered in Grand Rapids, Mich.It sells to and services customers through a network of OEMs, distributors, and more than 7,700 independent dealers throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, select countries in Central and South America, Australia, and the U.S. Trust Territories of the Pacific, including Guam.

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