Kawasaki Handheld Power Products Dealers And Their Salespersons Literally Let The Good Times Roll

Grand Rapids, Michigan -
Aug. 23, 2009

Promotion winners awarded Prairie® ATVs.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (Apr. 23, 2009)—Kawasaki continues to see an increase in the retail popularity of its growing handheld power products line, and a few fortunate authorized dealers recently benefited from this upsurge in sales. Three dealerships were randomly selected and each awarded two Kawasaki Prairie® ATVs, the result of a sweepstakes promotion held late last year.

The sweepstakes, open to all authorized handheld power products dealers, provided each of the three winning dealerships with a pair of Prairie 360 4X4 ATVs—one to go to the dealer’s salesperson whose entry was selected, and another to the owner of the dealership. Sweepstakes entries were made based on the sale of any handheld power product, from mid-September to mid-December.

Winners of the sweepstakes promotion were: Ca-Ry Industries, Fort Myers, Fl, and salesperson Bruce Finley, Malabar Mowers, Palm Bay, Fl, and salesperson Lauren Butler, and Kenny Queen Hardware & Supplies, Huntington, W.Va., and salesperson Larry Queen.

“This program proved to be very successful, and it generated one of the most enthusiastic responses we’ve ever received,” said Karen Howard, national sales manager, dealer channel.

Kawasaki’s engine and power products division has recently integrated imagery and performance messages from its well-known line of consumer products into the promotional materials for the division’s product categories. The use of the ATVs as a prize proved to be a significant impetus to the participation levels, according to Howe.

“Our products are all about performance and reliability, and it makes sense for our division to draw a relationship between Kawasaki’s high performance heritage and both our engines and handheld power products,” said Rodger Howe, director of operations.

Kawasaki has continued to expand its handheld power products line, and it now includes a broad list of available units in several categories: string trimmers, edgers, hedge trimmers, backpack blowers, handheld blowers, hedge clippers, and accessories.

Kawasaki Engines and Power Products, a division of Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A., distributes gasoline engines and professional handheld power products for landscape, industrial, and consumer markets. The division is headquartered in Grand Rapids, Mich., and services customers through its network of over 7,800 independent dealers through the United States and Canada.

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