Kawasaki's FX1000V Powers Guinness World Record

Grand Rapids, Michigan -
Nov. 24, 2014

Dixie Chopper sets 24-hour mark.

There are numerous avenues to international recognition, symbolized by inclusion in the iconic Guinness World Records list. And, as they say, getting there is half the fun.

Kawasaki provided the powerplant for a recent record-setting mowing effort made by Dixie Chopper’s Eli Kean. Kean, the company’s marketing manager, spent a full day and night perched aboard their XCaliber 3574 as he set the record for “Largest Area of Grass Mowed by a Single-Deck Ride-On Mower in 24 Hours.”

Warding off inclement weather that could have made the effort more difficult than it already was, the Dixie Chopper team braved a small patch of rain and lightning on the sky’s horizon to ride into the famous record listing. In order to qualify, Dixie Chopper hired two adjudicators to monitor the process and assure legitimacy of the equipment used, and also brought in a local land surveyor to measure the exact amount of acreage that fell to the XCaliber’s blades.

According to Kean, “in some areas, the grass was over 12 inches high and Guinness required that I cut at least four centimeters off the grass.” It was a tall order that was literally shortened with the help of Kawasaki’s top-of-the-line commercial engine.

Kawasaki’s team extends a hearty congratulations to Kean and the Dixie Chopper crew that worked on the record setting adventure.

Dixie Chopper is one of several original equipment manufacturers of mowers that use Kawasaki engines to power their equipment. And, while records like this are certainly fun and attention–getting, most of the engines provide continuous daily use for lawn care specialists across the country. They set their own records with dependable performance in the line of duty. Congratulations to them, as well.

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