New Additions To Kawasaki's Handheld Power Products Line Signal Continued Interest In Satisfying Both Professionals And Homeowners

Grand Rapids, Michigan -
Jan. 1, 2008

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.—Kawasaki’s complete line of handheld power products has been engineered to offer both performance and durability to commercial users and homeowners. With products delivering optimum power matched with ease-of-use, the brand’s justifiable reputation with professional landscapers and garden maintenance crews is well-deserved.

The company, which also offers a unique warranty program, has put the same type of design, engineering, and testing into its handheld power products as it has with the well-recognized motorcycle line that generates acclaim on both the street and the racetrack.

According to Rodger Howe, director of sales and marketing, “the recognition that the brand has built through the years by virtue of its high performance motorcycles has certainly had a significant impact on other Kawasaki-branded products.” He says the handheld power products easily live-up to that reputation.

“We’ve been focusing on delivering trimmers, blowers, and edgers that are winners in our industry,” says Howe. He points to the ongoing expansion of the various categories as proof of Kawasaki’s commitment to servicing lawn and garden maintenance professionals as well as homeowner purchasers.

This year, the company is adding new products in all of these groupings, adding strength to an already enviable product line.

New to the handheld blower category is the KRH300A, which when compared to a predecessor model using another engine, can deliver a 25 percent decrease in fuel consumption.

Similar fuel consumption economies are achieved with the new KCL525A/AC and KCS525A/AC hedge clippers. These units, along with the new handheld blower, indicate Kawasaki’s sensitivity to both the environment and the fact that professional operators are facing constantly increasing fuel expenses.

Lightweight, durable string trimmers with great power-to-weight ratios have been the hallmark of Kawasaki’s line of handheld trimmers. This year, with the introduction of two new units, that reputation is bolstered considerably.

Howe says the new KGT27A and KTF27A join an already strong product category and bring with them broader end-user opportunities, as pricing—particularly with the KTF27A—makes the homeowner a serious prospective purchaser.

“Throughout the handheld power products line, the engineers have shown why Kawasaki’s performance reputation has played such a key role in consumer perception,” says Howe.

According to Howe, these new additions to the line will only increase the public’s brand perception.

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